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Overtime: is Telstra being “reasonable”?

The CWU is continuing to receive calls from members about the implementation of overtime rosters (or forced overtime) in Customer Service Delivery.

Of particular concern are recent reports from Victoria of management threatening to “write up” employees (i.e. threatening disciplinary action) when they have informed management that they are not available for overtime on a particular day.

All CWU members are reminded of the following:

  • Telstra may require you to do “reasonable” overtime.
  • You may refuse to do overtime if you believe Telstra’s request is unreasonable or if your refusal is reasonable.
  • Requiring you to perform additional hours that are not “reasonable” is a breach of the Enterprise Agreement – and of the Fair Work Act.
  • So is disregarding your decision not to work overtime, if your refusal is reasonable.

Threats and intimidation over this issue are arguably a form of workplace bullying and can also be a breach of your workplace rights ie adverse action. Such threats should be reported immediately to the Victorian Branch.


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